Mi Note 10 Pro – A Comprehensive Review


The all new Mi Note10 Pro is designed to provide you with a unique user experience. The new improved version of this device gives you the ultimate opportunity to get what you want out of a mobile phone. The innovative new feature called double tap to wake means that when you hold the centre button twice, the phone quickly wakes up – giving you a whole new level of functionality. This means that all of your favourite apps are immediately available to you, ready to use.

Newest feature to the Mi Note 10 Pro is the ability to shoot in various modes, including single lens reflex, optical zoom, panoramic and video. The new microSD card helps you easily upload all your photos and videos to your phone. The latest in-built software features a unique way to capture your own original home videos or stills. It also offers support for high-resolution images and videos, as well as high definition videos. Offers complete connectivity for Bluetooth, USB and micro USB and comes equipped with a fully functional browser.

Features and performance-wise, the Mi Note 10 Pro offers a great experience. The device is very well built, with metal and glass parts coming together to form a smooth, durable body. The phone comes with a powerful chipset that offers superior battery life. The octa-core processor allows for a large number of apps to run on one memory space, providing you with a truly powerful device that has great battery life and quality performance. The advanced dual-core camera and digital camera means that you get excellent imaging power. Plus, there is support for high-resolution video and high-quality audio recording.

In terms of the main camera, the Mi Note Pro comes with a 16 megapixel standard lens with f/2.0 aperture which is considered by many to be excellent. The front camera is only capable of taking six megapixel pictures but these images come out crisp and have good color reproduction. The secondary camera is only capable of offering a lower resolution at five megapixel but it can be upgraded later. Mi Note 10 Pro

Storage wise, the Mi Note comes with a generous 1GB of internal memory. This should suffice for all but the biggest of downloads. The external memory is expandable using the micro SD card which comes with an additional slot and supports micro SD cards of up to two gigabytes. It has a slot for micro SD card adaptor and an external speaker so that you can enjoy the stunning sound from your phone. There is no camera dock so you will have to utilize the headphone jack or the USB data cable. Plus, the Mi Note comes with no earphones as the headphone jack is small and just makes the phone sound better.

Software wise, the Mi Note comes with Google Android operating system which is one of the most recent and feature rich versions. It also comes with HTC Sense as an extra although most people don’t use it due to the fact that it’s interface looks very basic. You can upgrade to the Pro version which comes with HTC Sense but this will cost you extra. If you want to use most features of the Note then you would have to buy the cc9 pro version which has a bigger and better screen. It also comes with a huge database of games so that your gaming time is never wasted.

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